We have talked about probiotics in a nutritional sense for years and the importance of a balanced flora….now it’s a buzz word in skincare world too. Fermented skin care has been all the rage in Korea for some time, and we love everything skin related to leave there at the moment, however these are not completely new findings!

We don’t really think of our skin being covered in bacteria, especially in such an “antibacterial” obsessed nation. Our skin has good bacteria, just like the gut, and its responsible for protecting us against bad bacteria, which can cause chronic skin conditions such as, acne, excema, psoriasis, rosacea and inflamed skin.

We are constantly attacking our “friendly bacteria” with the use of antibiotics, poor diet, anti bacterial products, smoking, parabens, sunlight, and intense skin treatments such as chemical peels.  

I always liken this to when I had a colonic…. Bear with me ;-) , after such in intense cleansing the therapist then added some probiotics into my system, to replace any good bacteria that could have been damaged………so, why when we intensely peel our skin, by either way of acids or microdermabrasion do we not consider putting some of our army of little bacteria friends back on there??

Pro and prebiotics products calm, soothe and have a detoxifying effect, leaving a clear radiant skin. Its also a natural exfoliant…. A great natural alternative to harsh antibacterial products and offers a gentler solution for a “stressed out” skin.

I see more and more clients at the moment with really inflamed skin, which I think is due to over use of retinols, peels etc, which are all so readily available now. They give a fab, practically instant result, that clients then cannot get enough of. Thing is they do not continue to give results until you look 20 years your junior, they will then enter the dangerous area of over exfoliation, leaving inflamed, red, skin that’s highly reactive. These treatments do not only attack bad bacteria but our good bacteria too. Pro-biotics are a lovely natural way to balance, and repair the acid mantle, giving the skin its weapons to fight infection! Our bodies are really clever, it just needs a helping hand in times when we are hitting in from all directions!

Probiotics are living “good bacteria” found in skin. Prebiotics are “food” for our probiotics (non living). Prebiotics feed and encourage growth of our own natural probiotics. Both calm and sooth irritated skins. …….  I personally don’t think we HAVE to use Pro/pre biotics all the time, but they should definitely be considered when you have been taking anti-biotics, been run down, suffer with inflammation and or acne etc.

It’s also not necessary to change the whole of your routine, but slotting it in there at some point should help to do the trick!

Fave  products:

REN Rosa Centifolia No1 Purity Cleansing Balm (please shorten this name Ren!)

I am a total ren fan, and this cleansing balm has been a bathroom shelf staple for years, £24 for 150ml

Oskia Renaissance Mask    £ 49.50 for 50ml

LOVE a mask…… this feels pampering but gives results, contains fruit enzymes and AHA’s along with prebiotics.

I am obsessed with face oils… one I go back to time and time again is Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil £55 for 50ml

This is a probiotic skincare line, and I love everything about it…. Its creamy cleanser, lovely packaging, its just a joy! This oil contains probiotics in the form of Baobab, if it’s good enough for Gwyneth… ;-)